Superman Jet Rally 2006

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Super-Man Jet Rally 2006
This years event was held at its new facility at Cape Girardeau Airport in Cape Girardeau Missouri. It was a well attended event with pilots coming from around the world to participate. This video shows a cross-section of the wide variety of jets that were flown at the event. Ali Machinchy came over from England with no less than three superb aircraft - a MIG 21, a BAe Hawk and an A-4 Skyhawk, all of which were spectacularly flown by Ali. Dennis Crook's wowed the crowd with his twin turbine powered SR71 Blackbird and Andreas Gietz of Germany demonstrated the aerobatic capabilities of his turboprop Tucano. Marvel at the fully articulated wings of Jim Martin's XB-70 Valkyrie and prepare to be amazed by the superb detail of Bryce Watson's F-15 featuring a lighted afterburner section! As an added bonus, Jerry Caudle takes us on a tour of the ProMark facility and shows us how he makes those high quality decals, plus tips and tricks on how to apply them. This and much much more make for one Super Jet event you don't want to miss! TRT : 110