Top Gun 2000


This will be the last year Top Gun will be held at the West Palm Beach Polo Club in West Palm Beach, Florida. It marks the 11th Year for this Event. Top pilots from around The world came to Compete in this prestigious Event. Some of the many featured planes on this exciting tape are Mike Barbee’s Waco, Tommy Woods F-4, Bud Roane’s Shoestring, Terry Nitsch’s Rafale, Greg Hahn’s Dauntless, Bob Benjamin’s Taylorcraft, John Chevalier’s Tripacer, Gary Bussell’s Spitfire, Lewis Patton’s F9F. Sepp Uiberlacher’s Tempest, Ed Berton’s Zero, Bill Stevick’s P-51, Dave Platt’s Magister and Jeff Foley’s BF-109. Don’t miss one of the top scale events in the country. Run Time 2 Hours.