DV230 HeliTeach – Introduction to RC Helicopters


Covering everything from choosing the best type of RC helicopter, to actually assembling and test-flying your model, RC helicopter expert Dave Wilshere guides the absolute beginner through their first steps into the thrilling sport of flying RC helicopters.Dave's expert advice and wide experience will enable you to make the right choices when first setting out in this exciting sport and help ensure a safe and rewarding future flying RC model helicopters.

The DVD covers such essential knowledge as:

* The RC Helicopter  an overview of radio controlled helicopters, from small indoor models to competition-winning sport 3D models 

* Power to Fly  the relative merits of internal combustion engines and electric motors for powering RC helicopters 

* Choices, Choices  comparing indoor, outdoor, aerobatic and scale models, and selecting one that will suit you now and in the future 

* Buying, Learning & Safety  The support, advice and training network available in most areas, and staying safe when operating your helicopter 

* Radio Gear  understanding 2.4 GHz radio control systems, and how to bind a JR transmitter and receiver 

* The Mechanics of Flight how a typical RC model helicopter works 

* Going Flybarless the new generation of RC helicopters that deliver more power, greater agility and true scale appearance 

* From Buying to Flying hints, tips and advice on every stage from first opening the box to preparing your model helicopter for its first flight 

* First Flights   starting the engine for the first time, then checking and adjusting the helicopter to ensure smooth and reliable operation

Dave's credentials as an RC helicopter pilot include competing at hundreds of competitions over 25 years of flying, which have brought him trophies and medals from European and World Championships, numerous UK Nationals and Cup competitions. His in-depth knowledge of RC helicopters has also seen him lend his expertise to several TV and film projects. Running Time 80 mins 

Available in Hi Def Blu-Ray