Warbirds over the Rockies 2007


Warbirds over the Rockies 2007
Join us in Fort Collins, Colorado, for the largest Warbird Event west of the Mississippi. Held at the Love Air R/C field September 21-23, 2007, this unique event drew 150 pilots with over 300 different airplanes, many of which have never before been seen on video.

Our cameras were on the flight line over the weekend capturing all the action for your viewing pleasure including; Doug Smith’s magnificent P-47, Jeff Quesenberry’s giant 106 inch ME-109 G6 "Frankenschmidt," Brian O’Meara’s Top Gun Sea Fury, Jimmy Cowman’s incredibly weathered and shrapnel filled B-17, Cal Branton’s Beech D-18, Richard Perry’s Fokker DR-1 Triplane, John Geyer’s electric Bristol M1C, Brent Cozzolino’s Stuka and Scott Davis’ superb L-19. This is only a small sampling of what you’ll see!

Noontime entertainment includes a warbird show featuring Giant World War II aircraft as well as simulated Bomb Explosions performed by a professional pyrotechnics company. Additionally, Mac Hodges and Dan Stevens wowed the crowd with their B-29 and X-1 Rocket plane.

If Warbirds are your passion, you can’t miss this one!

Run Time: 102 Minutes